Mindfulness app

Measurably Better Mindfulness

Mindz has been developed by Doctors from Cambridge, to provide users with the ultimate meditation app to support practice. Other meditation apps are generally audio clips with no real method of measuring if you are doing it write or any form or realtime feedback. Mindz ticks all of those boxes. Try it for free today.

Sit back, relax and breath.

Follow our simple audio instructions whilst placing your smartphone on your abdomen, tap when instructed and start your mindful journey. 

More focussed meditation

Our patent protected algorithms provide you with a simple method of remaining focussed and helps to improve your mindful state. 

I found it far easier to focus and relax with Mindz. I now sleep better and feel happier in myself.


Track meditation for the first time.

Our mindfulness app allows you to monitor and track your progress through a series of audio guides. The app will measure your breathing along with the mindful breaths that you take. You can keep an eye on your progress which helps you to stay motivated.

Meditation and mindfulness is a method practiced for thousands of years and for the first time, there is a way of tracking it. Through years of scientific research and analysis, Mindz have developed the perfect accessible solution to measuring mindfulness.

Our mindfulness app is available now on iOS and soon to be available on Android devices. Try it today for free!