Mindfulness for Businesses

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Mindfulness and Meditation for Businesses

Mental health challenges affect one in four people in the workplace! That is a huge number of people. British businesses could save up to £8 billion a year if they managed mental health at work more effectively. In a recent study by ACAS it was found that...  
“Mindfulness made a significant difference to mental wellbeing, indicating reduced perceived stress within work and home lives”
ACAS Workplace Mental Health Study 2016
Mindz is a great way to support staff wellbeing. It is not only a demonstration that you care about your team, it will improve productivity, empower staff to make better and more considered decisions and will improve the happiness of the team.

Mindz is simple to use, a great way to meditate and it works! Mindfulness has so many benefits within the business and it is certainly a growing trend. Companies such as Google and Yahoo have implemented Mindfulness into the business culture.

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