How Mindfulness Can Help at Work

From Google to Nike, more and more businesses are implementing mindfulness into the work environment. There are some very good reasons why…

Low cost – Practicing mindfulness doesn’t have to be expensive. Training courses, team away days, motivational staff parties are all great but all can cost a lot of money! Once an individual starts to experience the benefits of mindfulness, they can easily practice. Many businesses offer drop-in mindfulness sessions, other do workshops for staff to go off and practice.

Improved focus & productivity – One of the huge benefits of mindfulness is the ability to improve focus and productivity. For individuals that are easily distracted or posses a wandering mind, practicing mindfulness will help you to become present in the moment and focus on the task in hand.

Reduces stress & anxiety – Work can be stressful, people take work stresses home with them, it can make the whole work-life balance exercise really tough for some people. People are under pressure to perform and sometimes that pressure is completely counterproductive! Mindfulness helps get stress and anxiety under control, it helps you to live in the moment not live in the past or worry about the future. A less stressed individual is always going to perform better, be more loyal and help make the working environment an so much better

Care about the wellbeing of your staff, they’ll appreciate it and your team will perform better!

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