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Come work with us. We’re recruiting!

Want to change the way people meditate? Interested in empowering people to learn mindfulness and changing lives?

At Mindz we’re developing the next generation of exciting meditation tech. And if you’re passionate about building products that make a difference, we’d love to hear from you. We love our work and take our mission seriously. We work hard and make time to have fun!

Co-founder & CTO - If you’re a talented developer in iOS, Android or cross-platform development, get in touch. We’ve a vacancy in our exciting new startup. No experience of meditation required, just an open mind. You’ll fit in well if you’re ambitious and want to build first-in-class products that wow our customers. You’ll have exclusive access to our patent-pending technology and be able to create products that literally shape peoples’ minds and how they experience the world. Our prototyping freelance developers told us that Mindz was the most rewarding and meaningful code they ever wrote. If all this sounds of interest, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr Tom for a chat over coffee - email
To give a taste of what we’re about, we’ve jotted down some of our values too.

Values beyond ‘tapping into your breath’ (pun intended! ;))

1. Coloniser. Mindfulness with feedback is unchartered territory - It’s important everyone knows why humans need feedback to learn and grow. If you understand why feedback matters, the value of Mindz becomes obvious.
2. Build something so great. We care about what we craft
 - It’s a gift for someone’s mind. Be brilliant and be positive.
Lay a legacy. Focus on outcomes not activity, Be remembered for what you’ve done. do whatever it takes to make it happen. leave your legacy. 
3. Focus, focus, focus. Stay on track so we can realise something special.
4. Mountaineer. Find your path of personal development and invest in yourself. Show you can grow.  Own mistakes and course correct.
5. Utilitarian.  Do good things. Know that on balance good things come to good people. Turn Mindfulness into something the Next Generation can share.

Our North Star - the number of mindful breaths our users have experienced for themselves

Our Magic Moment - Hearing the bell of your first mindful breath

Our Roadmap Our core platform uses patented technology to enhance mindfulness. This platform has several use cases and applications offering diverse investment opportunities for the future. After popular demand, we’re tailoring the Mindz experience to airline passengers and general public who want a science-based training in mindfulness.